Rugs you can clean with a sponge?
That’s what the new collection of Edito vinyl rugs offers! It takes its inspiration from fields as varied as historic Parisian bars with an art deco touch, terrazzo floors or even Moroccan villas.
Ideal for decorating an entrance hall, a kitchen, or creating an original decor note under a table or chest of drawers, they are also suitable for outdoor use and bring life to your home in summer and winter.


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Who is Edito Paris ?

Edito Paris is a French brand of design and graphic rugs, whose exclusive patterns and harmonious colors bring a creative and contemporary touch to an interior.
The brand has also developed a line of armchairs with retro codes as well as a collection of wallpaper.

What is the ideal size for a carpet?

There are generally four types of standard carpet sizes:
- 60 x 90 cm or 70 x 140 cm hallway rugs: ideal for entryways, hallways or kitchens
- 120 x 170 or 135 x 190 cm rugs are generally suitable for small rooms such as a child's bedroom, office or studio
- 160 x 230 cm rugs: suitable for most rooms in the house, especially the living room
- Large rugs of 200 x 290 cm for large living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms

How to put its rug of living room?

A rug can be put in several places in a living room, it is an essential element to delimit the spaces. In front of a sofa to add a warm touch to your decoration or under a dining table, to delimit this living space.

What is a Berber style rug?

Berber rug refer to the peoples of the same name who developed particular patterns. Most of the woven signs convey a message.
Our Berber style rugs revisit the codes of these ethnic rugs with a graphic touch.

How to choose the color of your rug?

The color of the rug depends on the tone of the room. A colorful rug can easily brighten up a neutral colored room or be a perfect match for a contrasting color scheme.
A rug with soft tones will easily blend with all types of decoration.

How to choose your bedroom rug ?

In a bedroom, rugs give a comfortable touch and a warm look.
A rug of good thickness (more than one centimeter) brings to the ground a cozy side.
A rug with soft colors invites rest and serenity. A more graphic rug can give the room a contemporary style.

How to choose your entrance mat ?

The entrance mat must be resistant and easy to maintain. The entrance is a room with a lot of traffic, that's why we recommend our very resistant and design vinyl collection to give your entrance an original touch.

How to choose your rug ?

Some criteria are important to make your choice:
1. The shape and size of the carpet (to be chosen according to the size and function of the room)
2. The material: Natural or synthetic materials?
3. The colors: A traditional or fancy carpet?