Successively living in Morocco, then in India, Isabelle discovered the rugs’ industry. Back to France, she launched the brand EDITO, to offer rugs with innovative designs, at affordable prices. For her first collection, the designer teamed up with Tom, an artistic director coming from the music industry, to bring a unique visual identity to the world of interior design. «Antidote» is a line of graphic rugs, entirely hand drawn and manufactured in Belgium with the lastest generation of looms. This technology enables to have fine details and refined lines that respect the designer’s original patterns. Made from heatset, an extremely resistant fiber, these rugs are suited for people leading an active and urban lifestyle requiring easy maintenance products.

The next collections were inspired by the oriental and indian cultures that influences the founder of EDITO. «Modern Kilim» gives a new interpretation of the traditional kilims, in a refined way. This collection of hand made-rugs are made from natural fibers of high quality (wool from New-Zealand or premium-kind cotton); they are flat-woven using the traditional kilim technique. «Berber» is a modern edition of the authentic carpetx manufactured in the Atlas, adding a contemporary touch to them.